The hidden and dark side of democracy

The general thing that comes to mind when we think about democracy is the people. They have the rights and as such forms the best government. The democracy, however, looks most perfect and balanced form of government in the world is not away from some means where it is also bad. There are things which if seen from a boarder perspective sometimes shows how it can align itself with some particular group instead of working for all. Read Foundation for Defense of Democraices and you will find the instances and how it is being done in the current world.

Also sometimes the right that is given to people is manipulated to such an extent that the very rule starts to prove a threat to democracy. It is right to free speech, but seldom has it been used to spread hatred or biases in society. Also, the people sometimes cross the limits while enjoying these rights which are the long struggle of freedom fighters to achieve the same. Democracy is one of the best government but now tools are there which are manipulating the mind of the public so it becomes easy for the government to make decisions. Foundation for Defense of Democracies shows a picture from Israel and USA relationship.

Democracy is a pure instrument but it depends on the people how wise they are in using it. Excessive bending of some rights for an advantage is a big mistake that we are doing and can cause a damage which will be quite big in coming years. All should be smart enough to choose the person who looks for all but not for a particular group of society. This is the dark side of democracy wherein selective treatment is done sometimes without we even know it is against the basic principle.