The business and personal car deals through Economy Leasing United Kingdom

Economy Leasing is a UK based company, which deals in approximately 70,000 for the purposes of leasing. The tandem procedures are both business based as well as personal usage based. So, let us take an insight into both the tenets of Economy Leasing.

Economy Leasing conferring personal car leasing

Personal car leasing may be a generic term but the main objective is to find different ways of funding new cars, to various individuals for personal purposes. What can be better than driving your favorite car for a reasonable amount of time and money that too without any worry? The two schemes are mainly personal contract purchase and personal contract hire. The two types of contracts enable a customer to lease a car at a fixed cost, with no future underwriting issues as well. The major essentials of both the contracts are as follows:


  • The rate of interest is fixed with no depreciation issues.
  • The settlement of contract can be made earlier than required.
  • The time duration is 2 to 4 years.

The personal car purchase contract, after the end of an agreement also enables the customer to purchase the vehicle and attain ownership.

Business car leasing deals

This scheme of business also operates with two contracts, namely the business contract hire and business contract purchase. The major brands that are leased are namely BMW, Vauxhall, MINI, Fiat, Suzuki, etc. The essentials in these types of contracts are as follows:

  • The rental periods can be a year, as well as 3 years.
  • The initial deposit is quite low.
  • The Wear and Tear Guide is comparatively less stringent.
  • The mileage terms are flexible.

Most importantly, the contracts enable a customer many options at the end of the agreement term. These generic alternatives have become a great boon in today’s competitive world. Visit for more insight into the procedures to lease. Keep leasing, because buying is too mainstream. Cheers.