The basics of HIIT

High Intensity Training which is detailed in helps to increase the metabolism and burn fat more easily in individuals. This consists of short bouts of training or exercise which is of very high intensity. There are rest periods that are there between these trainings as detailed in It is essential to take these rests as this is a part of the training. When you take rest, you are allowing the body to recover and this is needed else it will result in overtraining.

Why are rest periods needed

When you rest between sessions, the body has to acclimatize itself between the two states which are so different to each other. This helps in cardio conditioning. The body has to adapt from the low intensity recovery to the high intensity anaerobic state. This itself helps in burning fat. The rest also helps the body to prep itself and so it can perform at the best for the next session.

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What are the rules of HIIT

The rules are that the exercise is intense. This is followed by rest and then intense exercise again. For those that do not train with a trainer, they should have a 1:2 work to rest ratio. So they should either do an activity for either 30, 60 or 90 seconds and then they need to rest for double that period. More useful tips and tricks are outlined in

Who should not use HIIT

Those people who are not disciplined at all and will not exercise unless they are forced to, should not use this kind of training as they will not have the will to continue this exercise. Also, those that are training for a particular sport may not use this but rather train for their sport more as that may involve a different and more specific kind of training.