Tentipper Mobiles – iPhone Vs. an Android phone – What Should you Buy?

The fight of the century that may never end, iPhones vs. Android phones. It is true Android phones do have a lot more to share with a vast number of apps that gain the upper hand over iPhones. However, the idea of having a gadget that is an investment just seems to be what the world wants. Review websites like Tentipper have the news you want to know!


Speed And Performance


iPhone is known for its speed. Review website analysis reveals the phone never get stuck or crashes. It is without a doubt the pinnacle of Steve Jobs’ career but how much better can it get? The apps on the phone run smoothly, and you can expect nothing less than ease of access throughout your time with the phone.


Android phones, on the other hand, are known for slowing down when you overload it. And just as human nature dictates, the more you get, the more you want.

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User Interface


iPhone is a one button phone. You have your options on your screen. The phone was meant to be used for its screen and nothing else. But one tap on the home button and you know where you are headed. The app shifter is simple enough, and with the performance and speed, it seems to be very easy to use.  Websites like Ten tipper urges you to inspect before purchasing.


An Android user will never find an iPhone easy to use instantly. There will be a natural struggle. The basic ‘back,’ ‘home’ and ‘miscellaneous’ key is extremely essential.

Especially in-app features like a web browser where you can hit the back key and just revert it to the previous page. Android cells sure know how to make it work!


At the end of the day, it comes down to pricing. Android is always going to find a way to make things cheaper, and iPhone will always aim for the sky. So depending on who you are, you know what you want. What the best advice by review websites like Tentipper can give you is always test the phone before you buy it!