Sales promotion and marketing mix

The business units operate with the lifeline provided by the customers to them where hey tend to serve the same old and important stakeholder of the business environment by producing goods and services that they do require at the most. The old and unsuccessful concepts of producing goods and services and bending the customer to purchase the same have been replaced by the concepts of producing goods and services which the customers demand and gaining profits with the same. Added to the customer service motive, there has been a trend of service to the society because the resources of the society are being used up for their own cause by the organisations. This has been the reason why most intellectual business units can be seen following the ethics ad norms of the society within which they operate.


nathaniel laurent


But when the marketing concepts of the business units are analysed, it can be seen and observed with ease that in order to gain maximum profits and achieve optimization of the resources at the disposal, the business units have replaced the old and conventional means of marketing with the modern ways of marketing through social blogs and online web stores, where dealing and exchange mechanism can be carried out with ease.

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