Nuclear Weapons – A Clear Threat to Living Beings on the Earth!

Human beings are always into discovery and inventions and this is exactly what has kept them alive. Of course they believe in evolution and reaching towards something greater. Unfortunately, but every invention and discovery had positives and also negatives.

Somehow the negatives and avoiding the same wasn’t possible. This is absolutely why the nuclear weapons came to exist nevertheless. One must understand that the nuclear weapons, though created with the motive of protecting a country from its enemy! Yet has become a bigger threat.

Personalities like Mark Dubowitz have always highlighted this issue nevertheless. And this is one thing that must be taken seriously!

What are the various disadvantages?

The ranges of disadvantages associated with the nuclear weapons are more than what one can imagine. Yet the below mentioned ones are the never-to-be-forgotten ones of course:

  • Great devastation:

Nevertheless, this is one thing that cannot be avoided. Devastation and that too an ample amount of cannot be ignored. Not only innocent human lives, but the animals will also be subjected to the same. Also, one must absolutely remember that the devastation will be tremendous and ever-impacting.

  • Problems forever:

There are an en number of problems that may rise forever. The generations to come will be subjected to these problems. One must understand that generation after generation; people will suffer from dangerous and unexplainable medical problems. All because of impact of the nuclear weapons. Mark Dubowitz and his likes have always been quite vocal about this of course.

  • High maintenance:

This is one of the most unavoidable disadvantages of course. One must absolutely understand that these weapons require high maintenance. And these are costly and absolutely expensive in all the ways possible. This is absolutely why one must consider these to be disadvantageous of course.

The personalities like Mark Dubowitz have always stood against the same and will continue so for these reasons!