Luxury Expenses in the Modern Age

The world that we live in divided in every single possible way on the every minor point ot difference. One major factor that divides all of us is the size of our pocket. Our economic status plays a big role in deciding the type of life that we pursue. A fact shows that one percent of world population owns fifty percent of the world wealth. And so with enormous sum of money available at their disposal, richest of the rich spend a great deal of money acquiring big houses, big cars and latest mobile phones. But the point we are going to shed light upon is how they spend a fortune worth of money buying a ‘luxury’ car number or mobile phone number.


Generally, it is to believed that the richest of the rich are highly superstitious and don’t take risk of upsetting a supernatural power based on a colour or number. The luxury car numbers or mobile phone numbers are usually called VIP numbers. As the company releases these numbers, they are set aside for rich people to buy. You can find out about such things through government records,¬†, True Caller or surfing the web. A VIP number is usually a number that has a special or a very easy sequence. This sequence can be repetition of a number, a special pattern. A commoner has to be really lucky to get these special numbers without paying a fortune.


The difference between the rich and the poor has scaled up to such level that now, we can identify them by their car number plate or their mobile numbers. Another main difference among the rich and the middle class is that while rich people continue buying expensive stuff, the middle class person reads and finds about it on, Urget or through other means.