Lugano Diamonds are Here to Stay

Trust, passion and justified price. That is how Lugano diamonds are best described.

Diamonds are forever, and it is said to be a girl’s best friend. Now as you choose your best friends sensibly, you also need to invest some time and wisdom while picking the best diamond for your loved one.

Lugano Diamonds & the Untold Journey

Lugano diamonds are just not pieces of jewellery put up for sale. The stone has already trotted few miles.

  1. The stones are procured from certified gem houses and Diamond houses
  2. The stones go through a quality check
  3. The stones are then analyzed using technology, to see which jewellery will support the stone well
  4. The stones are then polished according to the recommendations of the Jewelry designer. This process takes few weeks
  5. One the diamond is carved; it is then turned into jewellery using various metals like gold, silver, platinum and titanium.
  6. The diamond is ready along with the ornament to adore your personality
  7. You also choose a piece of diamond and get it made into a specific ornament

Be Careful while Handling Diamonds

As if the person getting your gift was not enough to handle! However, on a lighter note, make sure that:

You clean the diamond periodically. Lugano Diamonds would recommend using a piece of soft cloth, exclusive to the purpose of cleaning the stone.

Do not brush or use a hard cloth, ever! This will cause the diamond to lose its shine and grip eventually

If you plan to store the diamond, then do so separately. Keep the diamond-loaded ornament away from other jewellery, as diamonds are vulnerable to scratches

Avoid using any harmful solutions at any cost. A fortnightly gentle cleaning with an extremely soft cloth will do the trick.

Love your diamonds. Long live the diamonds.