How to Choose the Best Design for Your Diamond Jewellery

Your big day is around the corner and you want to gift your fiance the perfect diamond set. It’s a big investment and I can only imagine that you want to buy only the best. So here are some quick tips which you can follow to choose the best design for your diamond jewellery.

Cut of the diamond:

Do a little bit of research before buying. Moti ferder founder of Lugano Diamonds has started his career as a diamond cutter. The perfect cutting of the diamond makes a perfect piece of jewellery. It would be good if you know about the 4Cs of the diamond.

Moti Ferder

Weight of the diamond:

The weight of the diamond depends on the amount you want to spend. Although it isn’t necessary that a beautiful design should have a big diamond. A cluster of small diamonds can also give a wonderful result.

Colour and clarity:

The quality of the diamond can be checked with its colour and clarity. Moti ferder is in the diamond business from 1965. His experience suggests that the go for the diamonds which are absolutely clean. Technically, colour is defined as D to Z where D is the purest.

Don’t succumb to any external factor:

This happens with all us. We went to the shop and all the salespeople gave many reasonable as well as unreasonable suggestions. You should surely listen to them but don’t get pressurized by any external factor. After all, they are here to sell. Again, a little bit of research will make you very confident and you can also talk in their language.

Choose as per occasion:

Finally, the jewellery which you are going to buy has to be worn by you or your loved ones, go with your gut feeling. Moti ferder is leading the designers of Lugano Diamonds offers wearable but exclusive pieces of jewellery.

Nuclear Weapons – A Clear Threat to Living Beings on the Earth!

Human beings are always into discovery and inventions and this is exactly what has kept them alive. Of course they believe in evolution and reaching towards something greater. Unfortunately, but every invention and discovery had positives and also negatives.

Somehow the negatives and avoiding the same wasn’t possible. This is absolutely why the nuclear weapons came to exist nevertheless. One must understand that the nuclear weapons, though created with the motive of protecting a country from its enemy! Yet has become a bigger threat.

Personalities like Mark Dubowitz have always highlighted this issue nevertheless. And this is one thing that must be taken seriously!

What are the various disadvantages?

The ranges of disadvantages associated with the nuclear weapons are more than what one can imagine. Yet the below mentioned ones are the never-to-be-forgotten ones of course:

  • Great devastation:

Nevertheless, this is one thing that cannot be avoided. Devastation and that too an ample amount of cannot be ignored. Not only innocent human lives, but the animals will also be subjected to the same. Also, one must absolutely remember that the devastation will be tremendous and ever-impacting.

  • Problems forever:

There are an en number of problems that may rise forever. The generations to come will be subjected to these problems. One must understand that generation after generation; people will suffer from dangerous and unexplainable medical problems. All because of impact of the nuclear weapons. Mark Dubowitz and his likes have always been quite vocal about this of course.

  • High maintenance:

This is one of the most unavoidable disadvantages of course. One must absolutely understand that these weapons require high maintenance. And these are costly and absolutely expensive in all the ways possible. This is absolutely why one must consider these to be disadvantageous of course.

The personalities like Mark Dubowitz have always stood against the same and will continue so for these reasons!

Instagram and its influence in a user’s life

As the name suggests, social networking is a simple way to connect to a large number of people having similar interests. It involves getting to know thenew people all across the globe and at the same time remain connected with the old ones or the people who you already know in person.It’s an online network. There are plenty of social networking applications and websites available. Instagram is one of them. Infact, it’s one of the most popular applications nowadays.

buy Instagram likes

Instagram involves posting pictures and videos on account or profile, and the people who follow you can like or comment on them. It’s a good platform to show the glimpse of your life, talents,likes, dislikes, etc., to the world. As they say, taking picturesis one of the beautiful ways to store memories and Instagram gives opportunity to its users to share their memorable moments with the world. It’s also one of the ways to stay updated about what’s happening in someone’s life. With all this happening around, sometimes it also shows how popular a person is. The more likes someone gets on his or her picture, the more is his or her popularity. Moreover, it’s also extremely important for Instagram Influencers to get as many likes as possible. Because this is one of the criteria on which brands do collaborations with the Influencers.

There are certain options through which a person can increase the number of likes on his or her pictures. But almost all of them are time taking. However, there is one method through which a person can get more likes in a very short period of time, that is, the option to buy Instagram likes. There are many applications and websites which offer such services. A person can buy Instagram likes if he or she is willing to take certain risks and is in need to do so. It’s very important to approach only a good and efficient website to buy Instagram likes, otherwise there are chances of getting your money wasted.


Mental Stress and Depression on the rise in public

One thing that is becoming common in the entire world is increasing level of stress and depression among individuals. This can be accounted for many reason but whatever is the case this is becoming one of the most widespread problem over the world. It has its own consequence on our health and sometimes can be more serious also. All this makes mental stress and a depression to be a things which we should keep a check from initial stage. There are ways as well in which we can try to avoid the mental stress situation and we need to explore out the same. describes in some pretty good articles how in workplace and surrounding the depression is on rise. This is a true story and we see basis this families are breaking and in worst case we hear about shoot outs, suicide attempts and so many negative things all around. The question comes out how to avoid it? A healthy habit of putting your health first can be a good positive step. Health is one thing which we ignore most of the time. It is better now to start focusing upon the same. See for some good insurance plan and opt for the same. This can also help you in increasing a confidence for some unknown thing as explained in

To keep stress away we can go for a health habit of doing exercise, yoga in general which bring in more positivity at our life. They at the same time help in keeping all this negativity at bay so that it doesn’t come to your mind any negative thoughts. Depression can be well overcome, depending on your strong will and the environment you are currently having. With all this we would wish you a happy and a stress free day!

The Way to Use Digital Marketing According To Nathaniel Laurent

There are many sites that will tell you marketing strategies for your online business or blog is changing continuously at a furious pace. One strategy effective today may not be able to do any promotion the next day. Online businesses fail if they are not able to adapt to the ever changing online environment.

The strategy for digital marketing can however be changed in accordance to the will of the company. If changes are not made, then time as well as money gets wasted. To get detailed information from nathaniellaurent  then Visit to know more.


Equal focus

You should not be solely dependent upon the number of clicks that your site gets, to determine how your online business is going. The name of the brand is wanted by people to be splashed everywhere. However you should not overspend in doing this. Looking after the needs of your customers is also something that you need to look after. In this way you will have many takers.

Social media advertisement

You can do much more on social networking sites other than simply posting pictures and videos. Many customers now take aid of social media and the experiences of people there to find out more about various brands available online. You need to target those people.

Increase chances of getting shared

You need to understand that different elements of the social media are needed to be integrated with your business so that its marketing takes place smoothly. If one person likes your content, then he can share it paving way for others to see it. Hence one customer will bring forward many others with him or her.

The old school way of promotion through emails have been there for decades now and is still quite effective. The emails sent, must not be spamming in nature. can provide with great ideas regarding this type of marketing.

The new world of social media

Social media is now part of our culture and identity

Today is the world of social media. The culture and the lifestyle of people have always been evolving and changing over the course of the years and today it has reached a point where the culture and the lifestyle is heavily influenced by the digital medium and by the phenomenon that we call social media. What exactly is social media and how exactly do we define it?

The simplest way we can define social media is that it is a platform wherein people from all over the world come together and interact with one another. It is truly a wonderful creation as it has now become possible to connect with people who might be thousands of miles away and speak to them as if they were standing right in front of us. Thanks to social media, it is also now possible to stay in touch with friends and families who might be physically distant from us but are still very much a part of our lives. We can ensure they remain a part of our lives thanks to the social media which enables us to remain in touch with them no matter where they or we are. Social media is also playing the part of an informational media now as media houses turn to it as an incredibly efficient medium of spreading news and increasing readership. The content in social media can be accessed from anywhere in the world and, as such, news of an event happening at one corner of the world can now be instantly accessed by people from anywhere in the world.

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Buy instagram views; join the social media revolution

With millions of people around the world now using social media, it is becoming very difficult to gain any form of visibility or popularity on the social media platform with more and more competition every day. Thankfully, options are now available wherein you can buy instagram views to get that upper hand and gain that extra bit of popularity to make you successful in your endeavor.


3 Best Kids Camera for the Children Who Love Photography

Photography is not just attractive to the adults. A kid can also find it interesting.  The child who has developed a love of photography can also pursue this interest and choose his career as a photographer. If your kid loves photography, then you can support him by getting him the best camera.

best kids camera

Nowadays, kids are getting much more acquainted with new technologies. It is not surprising when you can see a toddler handling a phone. Hence, if your kid is interested in photography, then it’s time for you to buy him one. There are different types of cameras in the market. However, these three can prove as the best kids camera.

  1. Mirrorless Best Kids Camera

These cameras are a bit challenging. Hence, if your kid is too young, it might not be the right choice to buy. However, if he is a little older and you think he can handle, then you can get it for him.

It has interchangeable lenses. Hence, your kid can use it for an advanced level of photography. There are other features of a mirrorless camera. It can possess built-in flash and autofocus features. It is also usually considered as a compact option for DSLRs.

  1. Point and Shoot Camera

The basic ones of these kinds are easier to operate. Hence, it can be suitable for younger kids. The lenses are fixed and can have high- resolution sensors. It also has zoom-in and out features. If you buy a more advanced model, it can even have features such as face detection and image stabilization.

  1. Instant Film Camera

Many kids, even adults like to use instant film cameras. Hence, it can be an ideal choice to be the best kids camera. This type of camera uses a film that develops on its own. Thus, it can be creative. It can be engaging and fun to a child. They can even play with the prints which will develop after you take pictures.

Hence, you’ll have to choose the one that will best suit your kid’s interest. The above three types were some examples of best kids camera. You can consider different models and companies while buying the right one for your kid.


The basics of HIIT

High Intensity Training which is detailed in helps to increase the metabolism and burn fat more easily in individuals. This consists of short bouts of training or exercise which is of very high intensity. There are rest periods that are there between these trainings as detailed in It is essential to take these rests as this is a part of the training. When you take rest, you are allowing the body to recover and this is needed else it will result in overtraining.

Why are rest periods needed

When you rest between sessions, the body has to acclimatize itself between the two states which are so different to each other. This helps in cardio conditioning. The body has to adapt from the low intensity recovery to the high intensity anaerobic state. This itself helps in burning fat. The rest also helps the body to prep itself and so it can perform at the best for the next session.

high intensity programs

What are the rules of HIIT

The rules are that the exercise is intense. This is followed by rest and then intense exercise again. For those that do not train with a trainer, they should have a 1:2 work to rest ratio. So they should either do an activity for either 30, 60 or 90 seconds and then they need to rest for double that period. More useful tips and tricks are outlined in

Who should not use HIIT

Those people who are not disciplined at all and will not exercise unless they are forced to, should not use this kind of training as they will not have the will to continue this exercise. Also, those that are training for a particular sport may not use this but rather train for their sport more as that may involve a different and more specific kind of training.


Why do you have to lose belly fat?

A lot of people greatly focus on losing their belly fat and all you need to understand that belly fat is something that will result in a lot of obesity and also it is a sign of unhealthy conditions, check on to know more about it.

Therefore; losing belly fat becomes very important and a lot of people do a lot of things to lose their unwanted pounds in the region of belly and around waist but you need to always check belly fat very important to lose for various reasons.

Below mentioned are some of the reasons to lose the belly fat quickly and effectively, check on




  • To maintain your health

This is one of the main reasons why people lose belly fat because if you are obese on your waist or around your belly region then it becomes very difficult for you to lose those extra Pounds.

Therefore this creates a lot of ill-health conditions in your body hence it becomes very important to lose that belly fat quickly.

  • Wearing the right kind of clothes

You would not be able to fit in your old clothes if the region around your belly increases and you may also have to change all the clothes that is in your wardrobe.

This will be a lot of exercise to do hence, it is very important to maintain the weight around your belly region. Check for tips on

  • The maintain a balanced weight

If you put on weight around your belly region, it becomes very difficult to lose it because it is not as easy as losing weight in any other regions.

Therefore; if you have to maintain your weight it becomes very important that you maintain your belly fat properly.

Are you heavy on your belly? Do reduce it today!

Luxury Expenses in the Modern Age

The world that we live in divided in every single possible way on the every minor point ot difference. One major factor that divides all of us is the size of our pocket. Our economic status plays a big role in deciding the type of life that we pursue. A fact shows that one percent of world population owns fifty percent of the world wealth. And so with enormous sum of money available at their disposal, richest of the rich spend a great deal of money acquiring big houses, big cars and latest mobile phones. But the point we are going to shed light upon is how they spend a fortune worth of money buying a ‘luxury’ car number or mobile phone number.


Generally, it is to believed that the richest of the rich are highly superstitious and don’t take risk of upsetting a supernatural power based on a colour or number. The luxury car numbers or mobile phone numbers are usually called VIP numbers. As the company releases these numbers, they are set aside for rich people to buy. You can find out about such things through government records,, True Caller or surfing the web. A VIP number is usually a number that has a special or a very easy sequence. This sequence can be repetition of a number, a special pattern. A commoner has to be really lucky to get these special numbers without paying a fortune.


The difference between the rich and the poor has scaled up to such level that now, we can identify them by their car number plate or their mobile numbers. Another main difference among the rich and the middle class is that while rich people continue buying expensive stuff, the middle class person reads and finds about it on, Urget or through other means.



Is blog writing a good source of income as well?

Many people have their own unique talent. This can be used for many things such as setting up a blog and sharing this to public so that they also know your talent and you will earn money through it. There are however some misconception in terms of earning money and it doesn’t come at starting the pace you are expecting. It is over a period of time when people will start to like your blog and new people will join the amount will start to increase. The below article will describe you on how to set the blog and increase your earning through it.

nathaniel laurent

First step is to buying a domain. Domain is a place where your blog or website would be hosted. This could be brought in from different vendors available for the same. You can also visit to the site of nathaniel laurent at to know more details related to the same. It is a good site as it will show you step by step process of how to buy a domain and setting up your blog. Once this is done then it is time to post the content in front of the world. You should show what you are good at and the people will surely come and visit it. If you are a good artist post some of your arts, similarly for cook you can put your own recipe here.

Earning money is a good and important reason for survival. If it comes through some part time job it is much better as you would be enjoying what you do and also get some money through it. Many people stop this in between however it is not a good practice as after a period of time you will see the good profit coming out of it.

The hidden and dark side of democracy

The general thing that comes to mind when we think about democracy is the people. They have the rights and as such forms the best government. The democracy, however, looks most perfect and balanced form of government in the world is not away from some means where it is also bad. There are things which if seen from a boarder perspective sometimes shows how it can align itself with some particular group instead of working for all. Read Foundation for Defense of Democraices and you will find the instances and how it is being done in the current world.

Also sometimes the right that is given to people is manipulated to such an extent that the very rule starts to prove a threat to democracy. It is right to free speech, but seldom has it been used to spread hatred or biases in society. Also, the people sometimes cross the limits while enjoying these rights which are the long struggle of freedom fighters to achieve the same. Democracy is one of the best government but now tools are there which are manipulating the mind of the public so it becomes easy for the government to make decisions. Foundation for Defense of Democracies shows a picture from Israel and USA relationship.

Democracy is a pure instrument but it depends on the people how wise they are in using it. Excessive bending of some rights for an advantage is a big mistake that we are doing and can cause a damage which will be quite big in coming years. All should be smart enough to choose the person who looks for all but not for a particular group of society. This is the dark side of democracy wherein selective treatment is done sometimes without we even know it is against the basic principle.

Lugano Diamonds are Here to Stay

Trust, passion and justified price. That is how Lugano diamonds are best described.

Diamonds are forever, and it is said to be a girl’s best friend. Now as you choose your best friends sensibly, you also need to invest some time and wisdom while picking the best diamond for your loved one.

Lugano Diamonds & the Untold Journey

Lugano diamonds are just not pieces of jewellery put up for sale. The stone has already trotted few miles.

  1. The stones are procured from certified gem houses and Diamond houses
  2. The stones go through a quality check
  3. The stones are then analyzed using technology, to see which jewellery will support the stone well
  4. The stones are then polished according to the recommendations of the Jewelry designer. This process takes few weeks
  5. One the diamond is carved; it is then turned into jewellery using various metals like gold, silver, platinum and titanium.
  6. The diamond is ready along with the ornament to adore your personality
  7. You also choose a piece of diamond and get it made into a specific ornament

Be Careful while Handling Diamonds

As if the person getting your gift was not enough to handle! However, on a lighter note, make sure that:

You clean the diamond periodically. Lugano Diamonds would recommend using a piece of soft cloth, exclusive to the purpose of cleaning the stone.

Do not brush or use a hard cloth, ever! This will cause the diamond to lose its shine and grip eventually

If you plan to store the diamond, then do so separately. Keep the diamond-loaded ornament away from other jewellery, as diamonds are vulnerable to scratches

Avoid using any harmful solutions at any cost. A fortnightly gentle cleaning with an extremely soft cloth will do the trick.

Love your diamonds. Long live the diamonds.

Sales promotion and marketing mix

The business units operate with the lifeline provided by the customers to them where hey tend to serve the same old and important stakeholder of the business environment by producing goods and services that they do require at the most. The old and unsuccessful concepts of producing goods and services and bending the customer to purchase the same have been replaced by the concepts of producing goods and services which the customers demand and gaining profits with the same. Added to the customer service motive, there has been a trend of service to the society because the resources of the society are being used up for their own cause by the organisations. This has been the reason why most intellectual business units can be seen following the ethics ad norms of the society within which they operate.


nathaniel laurent


But when the marketing concepts of the business units are analysed, it can be seen and observed with ease that in order to gain maximum profits and achieve optimization of the resources at the disposal, the business units have replaced the old and conventional means of marketing with the modern ways of marketing through social blogs and online web stores, where dealing and exchange mechanism can be carried out with ease.

For the same purpose one of the most successful bloggers and web developers of the present time, Mr. Nathaniel Laurent is putting his best efforts. The web development through best of the technologies that are both legitimate and durable, and creating successful blogs has been his key areas of operation. Helping the business online blogs gain social authority by the purchase of genuine tanned views, likes and comments make the nathaniellaurent a highly successful portal serving the business units for helping their marketing causes and gain profits in the market.



Take flexible charge of your money by investing through online

The basic difficulty that every investor making investments through private agencies faces is that complete charge of his money rests in the hands of the agency up till the retirement of his account. This time factor restricts him from taking assistance of his money in case of any financial advent. However, agency websites such as provide you with that facility by making the option of self-directed retirement account available to you.

Opting for self directed retirement account helps you avoid major drawback

 Generally, investing money through private agencies feels like leaving your money in the hands of those agencies till the retirement of your account. Such agencies often seem to devote their entire focus to the Wall Street Establishments for which they work, thereby completely ignoring their investors.


a list partners


In such a situation, finding an agency that offers you to take charge of your money in your own hands via a self-directed retirement account is a brilliant idea. With such an account, you can get access to your money at any time after making investment. Moreover, agencies providing such facilities focus entirely on your profits.

Get to know more about real estate investment business:

 Such agencies are established with the primary objective of assisting their investors and the citizens of their country to grow. Therefore, along with providing such services like investment alternatives, they enjoy educating you about the business they are highly experienced in. You can contact such agencies to know more about business in the domain of real estate investment or you can simply access to their website.

Agencies such as alistpartners are doing a great deal to help people achieve financial independence. Such agencies promise their investors of confidence and keep them regularly updated by using various ways of communicating with them, such as regular distribution of financial statements, conduction of meetings, etc.